With over 50 years of combined manufacturing experience we offer tailor-made castors and wheel solutions designed to meet any customer’s needs. We craft bespoke solutions through detailed discussions with you, listening to what you need, then designing, manufacturing and testing products that will excel.

Our solutions are as unique and as special as you require them to be, yet as basic as possible. No matter how complex or simple your project, we are always happy to help.
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We have a proven track record of assisting companies with their bespoke projects you can view some of these here Bespoke Castors and Wheels Projects

Wheels for any application

We offer solutions for all circumstances. You can use our wheels for gates, trucks, trolleys, street sweepers, drive units, theatrical sets, amusement parks, bakeries, kitchens, clean rooms, stables and greenhouses, on pavements, public roads, airports ... the potential uses are endless.

Development and innovation

We aim for quality. It goes without saying that you must be able to use our products with confidence, so when designing a solution for you we always look at the intended applications.

"What will the wheels be used for? How will you work with them? Under what circumstances do they need to perform?"

In developing and producing our wheels and forks, we take a wide variety of influences into account, such as cold, moisture, heat, surface, speed and load.

To ensure our products perform optimally, we work with a variety of different materials. We offer variations for low to high speeds, from small to large diameters, with a capacity of up to 20,000kg each, in every colour possible.

We have a wide variety of products in stock too, should one of our existing solutions perfectly meet your requirements. And if not, we'll tweak it for you.

High class production

We have an extensive in-house collection of state-of-the-art machinery. Technical experts allow us to perform engineering at the highest levels. Our facilities offer room for familiar techniques as well as new innovations.

We think in terms of raw materials and their properties. Their characteristics allow us to provide customised solutions. Raw materials we use include plastics polyurethane, rubber, stainless steel and cast iron.

In addition to our own production line, we also operate a fully automated storage facility, a test bench for rolling resistance and durability tests, and a measuring chamber to measure tolerances. This allows us to accurately monitor the quality of our production.

Customise your product with unique product numbers, date stamps, names and logos. Everything is possible and you can select any colour you like.


Service is an integral part of how we operate. Service means delivering everything you need, when you need it. We are fast, flexible and focused on you. Whether you need large volumes, short runs, products we have in stock or special customisation jobs we can meet your needs.

We can send everything you need from one location, wherever you are in the world thanks to our successful transport logistics system. Depending on the volume and destination we can arrange suitable transport by van, truck or plane.


We are all about the quality. We use the best materials and the latest machinery. We work with experienced technicians and perform extensive tests. We have over fifty years of experience and aim to keep our good reputation.

We never opt for the cheapest materials so that we can offer excellent quality at a fair price. Be assured that whatever we make is of high quality - and that pays for itself.

We have strict quality control - everything we deliver has been extensively tested.


We can offer customised quality products because we have an outstanding, committed team. They make sure we can provide the best solutions again and again.

We can be flexible and innovative whenever needed. We are proud of our people and their craftsmanship.

We also work safely and responsibly. We test our ways of working and our methods against environment and quality standards, for which we've received ISO 9001:2015 certification. So you know you can rely on us!

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