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About DM Wheel Systems

BIL Group has grown from very small beginnings in 1972 as a castor and wheel distributor into one of the UK’s largest manufacturers and stock holders in our in industry.

Our primary goal is to simply provide the very best, quality castor and wheels for our customers according to our virtues; Quality, Innovation, Service and Flexibility.

At BIL Group we never stand still, continually pushing forward with our perpetual development program. Reinvestment year on year has facilitated steady growth at an average of almost ten percent annually since a successful MBO took place in 2007.

BIL Castors and Wheels completely understand that for a number of clients, a standard off the shelf castor product is not the best solution.

BIL are able to offer bespoke castor solutions to suit just about any requirement.

A Skilled & Experienced Design-Led Approach to Every Custom Castors Project

Our national projects team specialise in a design-led approach starting with an initial meeting to discuss your individual requirement. This initial fact finding process will lead to proposed solutions and conceptual designs. This is completely confidential and we are totally familiar with the need for NDA’s where required.

Once your needs are established, we can then move forward to more detailed designs. We can consider prototyping and field testing in certain circumstances. Technical drawings and modelling will be carried out by our skilled in-house designers.

Then when you are totally happy to proceed to production, we then employ the very latest technology and use the best and most appropriate materials to manufacture a bespoke castor or wheel solution to meet with your requisite demands.

Quality is strictly controlled throughout the whole process from start to finish so you can rest assured that you will only receive product that is both fit for purpose and has been engineered to perfection.

Once product has been delivered to you, we promise to follow up with further contact to ensure that you are happy with the solution we have provided

Why discuss your castor or wheel design requirements with us?

  1. We have designed and delivered on many specialist bespoke requirements in a wide variety of applications and different operating environments. Whilst every individual situation is completely different or otherwise only in subtle ways, all of this learnt knowledge and expertise is built up over time which is absolutely invaluable to you as our client.
  2. We pride ourselves on being flexible in our approach and we provide solutions through consultation, not through selling techniques, to ensure that you receive exactly what you want at an agreed price.
  3. Our production capabilities are extensive, up to date equipment and best in class machinery which is ideally suited to our requirements. A full list of machinery is available upon request.
  4. We agree a delivery date and we stick to it. Our bespoke castors and wheels products are made to order, using highly efficient techniques, guaranteed quality with relatively short lead times.
  5. We can manufacture small batches of product if necessary often without the need for expensive tooling.
  6. Our quality systems are detailed and robust. All processes are detailed extensively within our QMS and are subjected to rigorous checking and auditing on a constant basis.

If you have a requirement for a specific type of wheel or castor to fit your project specifications or if you have a project requiring some form of non-standard castors or wheels solution – do not hesitate to contact us. We are the specialists in this field so call us on – we would be delighted to help you.

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